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Web design and build

Highly engaging and interactive design

Our designers our experts at professional sites that look monumental whilst maintaining full branding. We aim to form the new magnum opus of digital marketing for your company.

Usability with clear communication

P@geRoam will design bold, and fresh digital marketing content based on established usability and core information architecture principles. All designs are tested against user-engagement, build feasibility and conversion expectations, as well as SEO, accessibility and efficiency. This involves swift but detailed discussion processes between designers, managers, developers and clients.

Design discussion

Transparency and feedback

You will be kept in the loop even during initial wireframe stages, which you will find differs from agencies that use ready-templates. Feedback will be taken into account and designs adjusted. From project initiation all the way to delivery, we work transparently as we believe that a better product is served, and the client is constantly involved.

See our Transparency policy for more details.

Bespoke to the client

Unlike other web development agencies, our products are bespoke to the client. We don't work with existing templates and paint over them with your brand. Our approach is to create fresh templates based on your brand and marketing message.

Tailored resourcing

We will find design and build resources that best match your project. Our resource management has over ten years' experience with a variety of web projects. We know how to churn out best product for you.

Please note: We do not outsource any of our projects outside the United Kingdom nor hire workers living outside the United Kingdom, unless the client is based in that location.

Design discussion
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Maintenance and Competitive SLA

Our maintenance plans cost less and look after the digital side of your business as long as you wish to use the services. Our SLA includes:

  • Low cost retainers
  • Website visual guarantee
  • Functionality guarantee
  • CMS support
  • Analytics and MVT / AB testing support
  • Free advice on technical issues
  • Statistics service generating suggestions to improve conversion
  • Priority service for updates and new projects
  • Specialised competitive SLAs for hosting and uptime
  • Website security

Find out more about our Maintenance SLA

Bringing it to life

P@geRoam is the rare agency that has access to cream of the crop talent in both design and development. Bringing those wonderful designs to life is our primary speciality. Whether it was designed from us, your in-house designers or a third-party designer – we can make it work for you and exceed expectations. Developers working on your project are experts in the following:

  • Responsive web deployment

    Your site will work on all popular mobiles and tablet ranges as well as on personal computers. Our Generation 5 team are skilled to take advantage of hardware and software features that can enhance your website functionality. See what our Responsive web deployment can do for you.

  • Cross-browser and cross-device testing

    Our Generation 5 research team keeps our developers up-to-date with latest devices, browsers and features. Our code is tested on old-to-brand-new technology to ensure your brand is kept intact and customers are being picked up from all angles.

  • Website architecture efficiency

    Unlike others, we don't use massive JavaScript libraries like JQuery unless absolutely essential and agreed by you. As standard all our code is bespoke or using very small code libraries. Our code arrangement, hosting, content delivery network, image factoring and all aspects of your website being delivered to the customer are tuned to achieve a high speed two-way communication. You will find the cleanest build, resulting in speedy delivery, resulting in volumes of conversion.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    SEO is tied into our build process. We will maximise site rankings through Google-recommended coding principles and content placing.

  • W3C-compliancy and Accessibility


    Our coding standards meet strict legal accessibility requirements. This provides you with a legal advantage as well an increased the number of users that can comfortably view your website.

  • Managed Hosting

    Our SLA can include managed hosting, which our staff have been doing for decades. Your reputation will be kept in safe hands that react faster to an emergency than most companies.

  • Experience with large brands

    Feel free to call in and find out more about numerous brands that our developers have successfully worked with and impressed.

  • Experience with web apps and widgets

    From complex calculators and training tools to Social media integration, our developers have built and successfully deployed various web applications that serve as add-ons to many large brands.