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Naturally responsive websites

Responsive web design is a new term for websites that resize depending on the screen-size of the device being used. This allows your message be projected to all your website users without going to another website or location.

Responsive = P@geRoam

Google recommends responsive website design as a solution to multi-device marketing. At P@geRoam we do it in a way that Google ranks it up!

PageRo@m was born in the responsive era, it breathes decades of experience in web development combined with a Generation 5 research team for combining related cutting edge technology. At P@geRoam we study features available additional to screen size. We make your website and message tailor to the device it's being viewed on, as well as its location to engage your viewers with your brand. We can even further tailor the message to target the very customer that is viewing it.

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Mobiles and tablets have chunky slices!

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular for viewing websites at a rate that wasn't anticipated by most companies. This has led to trends being constantly changed on the Internet, which P@geRoam keeps track of and in many cases leads.

Viewing websites on mobiles and tablets, even with many responsive websites from other agencies is a tedious task. P@geRoam delivers the websites in a way that the end user has a pleasant experience regardless of the type of device that they are using.


You can resize your browser to see how this website reacts to smaller sizes. Or click the mobile or tablet links (top right) on our homepage to activate a demonstration of how this site will look on a mobile phone. Or you can simply use a smartphone or tablet to visit the website. What you will notice is that not a lot of content has to change. It's best to keep change to a minimum on the content for good search ranking and accessibility.