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Multichannel marketing - Email / SMS / Internet

At P@geRoam we understand that some people don't go further than checking their emails without a good reason. We create that reason. And some users appreciate content in their email more than on a website on Google. We provide that content. Yet some people don't even check their emails, we catch them on SMS.

P@geRoam will help capture the attention you need to prove what is required through one channel or another. But our approach is hybrid, systematic and focused to deliver results for you. Our goal is to improve your conversion through any technology that works for your company.

Email marketing

Our team have several years of experience sending beautiful looking complex high quality responsive emails that prove to convert. These include newsletters, reminders, incomplete checkout, renewals as well as launch messages and several others.

We are savvy with Campaign Commander from Email Vision, Dot Mailer, Exact Target, and understand the principles around all email management systems. P@geRoam can provide you with either or all of the following:

Responsive email design

  • The email build itself
  • The means to personalise the email
  • The means to send the email
  • Conversion reporting
  • SMS alerting

Businesses and marketing managers have found ease in working on email campaigns managed by staff at P@geRoam. This is probably because their email gets built, sent and converts better than they have previously experienced without them having to do much except take credit.

Multichannel infographic

We offer the following features within our email marketing solutions:

  • Managed email campaigns
  • Social media integration
  • Surveys, polls and other direct-linked functionality
  • Email works across all popular clients and looks sound
  • Real-time reporting, geo-mapping, client analysis, link reports
  • Bespoke landing pages generating leads and conversions automatically
  • Dynamic content (content sourced from your data)
  • Personalisation (content changes depends on recipient)
  • Auto sending triggers linked to your website
  • Data sharing between your website and emails
  • Automated split testing allowing you to test different versions of emails
  • Advanced spam combatting – Our generation 5 team provides us with information to get your message past all major spam filters
  • Rigorous spam testing to ensure your email doesn't get blocked
  • Text-to-speech - Voice that reads email to the mobile user

SMS marketing

P@geroam can get you rolling out SMS messages and generating positive results easily and quickly. Most people have mobile phones, and most of them check their text messages. A traditional core part of today's life is yet unexplored and unsaturated. P@geRoam can help you take advantage of this technology to get your customers before others jump the band wagon.

  • Instant marketing

    On average, text messages are read within four minutes

  • Direct marketing

    Sending SMS messages using P@geRoam means converting your database into a gold mine.

  • Landing pages and full HTTP functionality

    That's right, we will do it in a way that your recipients can go directly to relevant landing pages and start converting.

  • New feedback channel

    We can allow your users to reply to an SMS through SMS, email or online using a form.

  • Social Network integration

    For those companies that use Social networking for important activity, SMS can be used to notify users about updates, as well as allow users to comment through linked services

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