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Improving results - Engaging the world

Below are some of the additional services offered by us to improve your conversion rates.

Tracking, analytics and statistics

P@geRoam uses and offers a shared statistics analytics source known as OpenSta. While the reporting interface is still being worked on, the information collected is very powerful and efficient. Unlike other analytics systems, this doesn't slow down the page and is a fraction of the size. We can manage Google Analytics tools for you; most of the sites out developers worked on are using both solutions together. However P@geRoam does not use Google Analytics due to the load on the page that the script involves.

Analysing paper

Our analytics solution offers the following benefits:

  • Be ahead with statistics from desktops, mobiles, smart TVs, smart fridges and many other devices
  • Find out which operating systems are accessing your website and other websites in your industry*
  • No need for extra cookies and privacy issues, no need to update your cookie policy (unlike GA)
  • Easy to install and unobtrusive
  • Running asynchronously after page load, having practically no effect on website and tiny (unlike GA)
  • Learn about screen / window sizes visiting your site, and other sites in your industry*
  • Explore pixel depths of devices that land on your website
  • A fast growing set of statistics, filtered down to the city of the host
  • No additional costs involved
  • Free monthly reports by email (under development)
  • For those sites that are managed by Digital Labs, we will use the collected information to improve development on your website
  • In-depth information including locations, device features, extended analytics, and recommendations features are in development and will be part of a free online interface

* For qualifying customers only. Other sites will not be named. This depends on sites using the same analytics platform.

A/B/N/Multivariate Testing

Often it's just a few words or a button that changes, other times it can be the different page altogether that is served to e.g. 50% of viewers to analyse their reaction. Where elements on the page are changing, this is called Multivariate testing, often referred to as MVT. Where the page itself changes, we call this A/B testing (i.e. showing page A or B). P@geRoam can also offer A/B/N testing where up to five pages can be added to a single experiment.

Our staff are experienced with the following software, however we understand the principles well enough to fully manage experiments on any software that you prefer:

  • Google Website Optimiser
  • Optimost by Autonomy
  • Google Analytics
  • Optimizely
  • Visual Website Optimizer
on / off switch

Testing variations

This involves changing a page or site's content, look and feel and sometimes even functionality for a percentage of viewers. Then analysing results and seeing how the changes affect the performance. This can be done in sophisticated ways with multiple experiments running at once.

If you think your site has potential for improvement and it's worth testing out the changes first before committing, lets get it tested. P@geRoam will help you with the following to get the ball rolling:

  • End to end testing
  • Experiment design, build and planning
  • Software selection
  • Reports summarising and recommendations

Search Engine Optimisation

Our developers code sites in methods that are compliant with SEO recommendations from search engines. Therefore all of your projects will be optimised for search engines by default and included in the cost. Additional steps can be arranged e.g. Content changes / copy writing as a separate service.

P@geRoam does not provide a link network as many SEO companies offer. These are to fake inbound links into websites to fool the search engines that the site is popular, ranking it high. However we can point you in the right direction if you are interested taking SEO a step further for your site.

Digital Marketing Consultancy and Project Management

We offer an on-going consultancy services where ever any advice is needed about Digital Marketing. A fixed hourly rate is charged for the service. You can use our skills and experience for advice around inception, design, development, deployment, migration and maintenance phases for your projects.

We can offer to manage the technical side of your projects where you need swift and reliable processing and enlightened technical knowledge.