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Maintenance SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Our maintenance plans cost less and look after the digital side of your business as long as you wish to use the services. We use a flat rate monthly retainer cost which is tailored for you. The purpose of our Maintenance SLA is to keep you stress free about your website(s), and just leave it with us if something needs doing.

Agreed hours of work per month

You will have a set amount of time for freely use on a monthly basis to make build changes to your website. The amount of hours is calculated by your retainer budget and the initial project cost.

Excess work rollover

We are always flexible, so if you ever have a little extra work in one month, this can be done at no extra cost, it can just fall into the following month's retainer where you expect less work.

Free package upgrade

Maintaining flexibility, you can upgrade your maintenance package any time during the contract. This allows you to save on cost and upgrade only when you need a higher tier of maintenance.

Free site monitoring bugfixes and code updates

If your site is hosted with us, it will be monitored and kept alive. You will be notified of activity. Bugs will be fixed and code will be updated for the latest audiences based on your site statistics.

Free content and styling updates

Any updates you want to make to your site not involving new creative work will be included in maintenance time.

Website visual guarantee

We will ensure that your website is visually sound on all agreed browsers in the best available optimised and fall-back views for those browsers. Additionally we will make your site work on new popular browsers that haven't even been listed.

Functionality guarantee

We will keep your site working to inspire your audience day and night. This includes any forms, polls, baskets, payment integration, tools, etc that we have provided.

CMS and other software support

Any software that you license from us e.g. Content Management, Analytics tools etc, will be kept working and up-to-date with patches. Minor versions will be upgraded for free.

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Analytics and MVT / AB testing support

We offer support for Multivariate and Split A/B testing as well as Google Analytics and our own efficient analytics solution. All non-creative work can all be done within your maintenance time.

Free advice on technical issues

You can contact us through email, telephone and SMS, or use our forum for help with technical issues. We will provide an answer within 24 hours.

Statistics service generating suggestions to improve conversion

We have our own analytics software that provides us with detailed information about site usage against industries. This puts us at a major advantage to offer marketing advice.

Priority service for updates and new projects

Being enrolled on our maintenance contract will mean that you have a priority of service, depending on request; this could mean a turnaround time of less than 6 hours.

Specialised competitive SLAs for hosting and uptime

We offer to manage hosting to keep sites running. Hosting SLAs are provided separately from carefully selected companies that offer budget and high end hosting services.

Website security

We ensure website code is kept secure and anti-hacking measures are in place. In the event of a security breach we respond promptly, fix the problem and take further preventative action.